Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Justice Walking Updates

Leading Justice Walking with Tere Hernandez (Freshman) has been a great experience. I am going to miss going to Catholic Worker with the Justice Walking members. We were able to offer our service to Catholic Worker in Oakland and Berkeley, while also deepening our relationships with one another. We were able to deepen our relationships by sharing our stories and listening to eachother during every Justice Walking session. Our final session for this academic year was last Sunday, April 22nd.  We served the homeless with the Catholic Worker in Berkeley.

Freshman, Maria Fernanda Cuevas, wrote the following reflection on Justice Walking:

"... J- Walking has been a great way to get in touch, not only with your self but I have learned much about others and the world sufferings. I have had insight into the many ways that a simple gesture of kindness can make a big difference in an individual life. Not only that but I have come to appreciate the continuation of doing good. Justice Walking really brings you back to remember that you must have a beginners mind when looking at any angle of the world. As you view the world learn to look past the surface without judgment. While discussing and sharing readings with the group, we came to the conclusion that to have this beginners mind we should never to be afraid of change but instead embrace the future whether it brings good or bad, Endurance is part of the experience. This is probably one of many impacts that J-Walking has had on me. As we meet we grow, as individuals and as a group, and I am very grateful to be part of this group!"

If you are interested in being part of Justice Walking during Fall 2012, I will be sending an email for the date for an information meeting.

We also invite you to celebrate our journey with us at the 7PM Sunday Mass.  We will hear from and bless the current Justice Walking members.

Justice Walking Mass and Blessing
McLean Chapel
Sunday, April 29, at 7:00pm

We will also be showing a movie of the Justice Walking experience that our current members lived this semester.

The members are:
Tere Hernandez
Maria Fernanda Cuevas
Rafael Martinez
Jolleen Corner
Megan Lopez
Jennifer Santisteban
Zachary Kaneshiro

Thank you J Walkers for a great experience!

(Posted by Carolina Vargas, Graduate Assistant for Campus Ministry)

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