Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! Study Day!

for May Day and Study Day...
             Campus Ministry presents…

Words of Inspiration, Hope, and Gratitude
for and from Your Community

Interactive Prayer Stations
in front of the library, on the balcony outside the Chapel,
and in the Public Market and J.M. Long Lounge,
throughout Study Day

Words of Inspiration:
What was some of the most helpful advice you received when you were facing a daunting task? What words most inspire you? You are invited to offer words or prayers of encouragement and inspiration to your fellow classmates on one of the chalkboards. In this way, we can draw inspiration from our own community. Know that you do not struggle alone, but are held in your community.

Words of Hope:
What are your dearest hopes for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for your community, for your country, for your world? You are invited to put words to these hopes and dreams on the chalkboards provided. Especially as some of us graduate, may we hold each other’s hopes and dreams with compassion and excitement, and look forward to the unfolding of our lives together.

Words of Gratitude:
What are you thankful for? Who in this community brightens your day? You are invited to write “warm fuzzies”, anonymous or not, to those people in this community who make your life better. These can be affirmations, words of thanks, words of encouragement, or whatever else you can think of that might be nice to hear at this hectic time of year. Please leave your note on the table for that person or people to find here.

Mass, 5:00PM, the McLean Chapel
Today is the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.
May we remember all who labor, the under employed, and the unemployed.
We also hold in gratitude all who offer their gifts, talents, time, and love in service of our students, especially the Holy Names Sisters.

The J-Walkers also invite you to contribute your gratitude to the cards for two groups of people without whom our quality of life would be majorly affected: Campus Services (please sign card in the J.M. Long Lounge) and Epicurean (please sign card in the Library). Please thank these folks for all their hard work.


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